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STEAMPUNKS (scene group)

"GR Wildlands"



by 3 Jurors

STEAMPUNKS is a scene group that emerged in 2017, famous for providing crack for Denuvo-protected games via generating licensed keys rather than cracking the .exe file.

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Gaming Jury is the default video game review subjury.

Gaming Jury is the default video game review subjury.

img Prom Doe posted a review


Firstly, I have no problem with your dedicated server release. I had problem with that half-assed co-op fix, which initially I thought it came from you to enhance your release. I admit that I was wrong on this one, but that was the only reason I added PROPER to my release. You are right about that heat exhaustion and it's just starting with up to +43 degrees this week. It's really hell in eastern europe right now. Listen, I have no beef with you guys. I respect your work on keygenning denuvo, I always give you credits in my releases, but I'm not sure I respect you as people anymore. You talk about my ego, but you fail to see yours. And from when scene takes PROPERS from p2p? Did you release got nuked, because of me? Instead of devoting all your energy into handling more platforms like UPlay and Origin and into Denuvo V4/UWP releases and be really the best, you spent half your energy feeding your arrogance and megalomania. This will fail you if you continue do to so. People already know you and appreciate what you do, don't fuck it up. I don't care if the "BIG ELDERLY GUYS" come or are still coming, but they better rethink their behaviour down the road.

Free tip: Try to medidate, it will help you be a better people. I can tell you that from experience! :)

Regards, Voksi @ REVOLT"

on June 27, 2017

Gaming Jury is the default video game review subjury.

img Dr Summers posted a review

They are so cool!! They are even providing multiplayer support. It seems they are not the kind of group that cracks for "bragging rights" or "fun". They are releasing the crack for the public good! Here are the features in their latest cracks:

------------- NEW FEATURE NEW FEATURE NEW FEATURE -----------

  • NEW KEYGEN FEATURE: you can set your own Steam Account Id
  • for network games or different purposes
  • on June 22, 2017
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    STEAMPUNKS (scene group)

    GR Wildlands
    Book rating: 95.2 out of 100 with 3 ratings